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Download the complete series of Beyond Weight Loss mp3 audios to effectively delete negative weight loss and fitness thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences.


Cellular Reset© is one of 6 Beyond Weight Loss audios that are a powerful way to reset your old negative weight loss, exercise and fitness habits.

Listen to this audio daily or whenever you want to increase the vibration and vitality of every cell of your body. As your cells become more and more enlivened your health will expand consistently.

Excess weight and unhealthy habits cause your cells to change. Your cells start to malfunction. Many healthy connections have been lost. Cellular Reset© is about clearing out the poor communication in your trillions of cells down to the DNA level. Multiple channels of information will come alive again for vital healthy cells. As your cells become more and more vital, your ability to metabolize foods will improve. These new upgraded cells will start to breakdown fat better and better.

Each time you listen to this audio you will develop more and more mind body neuronal pathways programmed for healthy vital cells that will support permanent weight loss. Unconscious negative programming on a cellular level will be reduced and deleted.

Listening to Cellular Reset© daily or weekly will give you access to a whole new level of wellness. As cells are upgraded, your capacity to reach and maintain your ideal weight will increase. Your body will start to function better and better. You will notice more and more changes over time. Claiming your ideal active body will become a way of life.

Listen to this audio to reset and expand your mindset and perspective of what is truly possible. Following each audio session be prepared to feel refreshed and ready to start brand new. Whether you are just beginning your weight loss journey or you need a extra boost along the way to keep going Cellular Reset© audio is be a powerful tool to use.

All 6 Beyond Weight Loss audios will open the door for you to access your permanent healthy lifestyle. You can say “good-bye” to yo-yo dieting. This can be your last time needing to lose weight because you will easily maintain your ideal weight once you reach it. Your old negative weight loss and fitness habits will disappear one by one.

Add these audios to any weight loss or exercise program you are already active with. These audios will accelerate and strengthen your permanent results of any weight loss program.

Dr. Debbie Thompson, Your Energy Doctor, is the voice, mentor and Life Reset 123 Coach© guiding you through this powerful and miraculous clearing of the negative unconscious thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences that you have standing in the way of your ideal body and fitness.







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