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Download the complete series of Beyond Weight Loss mp3 audios to effectively delete negative weight loss and fitness thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences.


Be Active Reset© is one of 6 Beyond Weight Loss audios created to clear out negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations or experiences that sabotage your weight loss and exercise goals. This audio will keep you grounded solid while you become more and more consistent choosing and living your healthiest lifestyle ever!

Be Active Reset© will help you reduce the noise of negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences that keep you from exercising. Regular listening to this audio will give you increased motivation and a brand new access to wanting to be active and stay active.

Your body will be energized with all of the reasons to move more. You will start to crave your workouts. Sound impossible? Just know that when your past negative noise about exercise is deleted out a whole new possibility will show up.

You know being active speeds up weight loss. It also help to maintain your weight loss once our reach your ideal body weight. Research shows that exercise increases your metabolism. Your active body supports your highest body function. Increasing muscle strength and function supports every muscle, organ and gland function of your body.

Isn’t it interesting how we have a tendency to put off or ignore exercise all together? Some will say “My body doesn’t like to exercise”, “I don’t have time to exercise” or “I don’t need exercise”.

Listen to this audio to reset and expand your mindset and perspective of what is truly possible. Following each audio session be prepared to feel refreshed and ready to start brand new. Whether you are just beginning your weight loss journey or you need a extra boost along the way to keep going Be Active Reset© audio is be a powerful tool to use.

All 6 Beyond Weight Loss audios will open the door for you to access your permanent healthy lifestyle. You can say “good-bye” to yo-yo dieting. This can be your last time needing to lose weight because you will easily maintain your ideal weight once you reach it. Your old negative weight loss and fitness habits will disappear one by one.

Add these audios to any weight loss or exercise program you are already active with. These audios will accelerate and strengthen your permanent results of any weight loss program.

Dr. Debbie Thompson, Your Energy Doctor, is the voice, mentor and Life Reset 123 Coach© guiding you through this powerful and miraculous clearing of the negative unconscious thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences that you have standing in the way of your ideal body and fitness.


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