Ideal Body Image Reset©


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“Ideal Body Image Reset” is an important downloadable mp3 audio from the “Beyond Weight Loss” series. “Ideal Body Image Reset” clears the path of how you have always viewed your body. Your perception starts to open to brand new doors of wellness and vitality. All “Beyond Weight Loss” audios focus on deleting out your negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences surrounding weight loss and getting fit.



When you look in the mirror I’m sure you have something to say about your body. Are your thoughts and words empowering or full of criticism and judgment?

Ideal Body Image Reset© is about washing away all of your old ugly thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences. Listening daily or weekly to this audio will give you access to a blank slate to create your new body on… your ideal body.

Your perception of your self image can either enhance or destroy your peace, contentment and happiness in the moment.

One of the major pieces of this audio is being great with what is and what isn’t. This session will help you access the vibration important for deleting out your criticism and judgment about your body image.

Your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, conversations and resulting actions will become cleaner and cleaner of the negative past that has haunted you for months to years. You will have the opportunity to step out of the weight loss roller coaster and claim your vital ideal fit body.

Dr. Debbie Thompson, Your Energy Doctor, is the voice, mentor and Life Reset 123 Coach© guiding you through this powerful and miraculous clearing of the negative unconscious thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences that you have standing in the way of your ideal body and fitness.

Dr. Debbie intuitively combines her experiences of several energy work (energy medicine) methods: Yuen Method, Reiki, Resonance Repatterning, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), AOT (Allergy Overload Technique), CET (Comprehensive Emotional Technique), nutrition, movement/exercise and her 23+ years of chiropractic clinical experiences. She has created a way for you to access a whole new level of vitality and well-being by listening to this downloadable mp3 consistently on a daily, weekly or on an as needed basis.


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