Healthy Food Reset©


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“Healthy Food Reset” is the second downloadable mp3 audios of the “Beyond Weight Loss” series. “Healthy Food Reset” clears out the reasons why you automatically choose unhealthy foods. All “Beyond Weight Loss” downloadable mp3s audios focus on deleting out your negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences surrounding weight loss and getting fit.



By consistently listening to the Healthy Food Reset© downloadable mp3 audio, your cravings for sugary, salty, high fat crunchy snacks and fast foods will show up less and less. You will start to crave healthy foods more and more.

Each time you listen to Healthy Food Reset© you will have the opportunity to delete more and more of your negative weight loss experiences out. You can focus on an intention with every Life Reset 123© audio. This intention could be focused on a challenge that pops up in the moment and causes you to waver. You may have been challenged with snack foods sitting around at work or at a party. As you become more and more conscious, you will notice what your biggest challenges are and take them to your next audio session.

Over time you will start to notice more and more ease around your past food choice challenges. You will automatically and naturally start taking better and better care of yourself. Food obsessions will start to disappear.

Dr. Debbie Thompson, Your Energy Doctor, is the voice, mentor and Life Reset 123 Coach© guiding you through this powerful and miraculous clearing of the negative unconscious thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences that you have standing in the way of your ideal body and fitness.

Dr. Debbie intuitively combines her experiences of several energy medicine methods: Yuen Method, Reiki, Resonance Repatterning, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), AOT (Allergy Overload Technique), CET (Comprehensive Emotional Technique), nutrition, movement/exercise and her 20+ years of chiropractic clinical experiences. She has created a way for you to access a whole new level of vitality and well-being by listening to this mp3 consistently on a daily, weekly or on an as needed basis.


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